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Dažasvydžio treniruotės

Paintball training.

Each player has got his own path to the sport of paintball. Generally it is an individual thing. Somebody joins the training for better results in recreational games with friends, somebody trains hard in order to achieve victory in Lithuanian or foreign sport of paintball leagues. Does not matter, paintball for You is a hobby or a sport, to practice is worth.

During workouts, the use of multiple “Reball” balls allows significantly reduce training costs, what means that You can make a lot of shots for practice and it is really cheaper than using usual paintballs.

Also while training sessions You will meet new people, get a dose of adrenaline and sharp senses.

A new group of beginners is forming at the moment. Requires no prior preparation, everything you need – the desire to exercise one or more times per week (optional) and a good mood. Novice players will be provided with all necessary equipment. We invite You to sign up for the first cognitive and free workout. Come and get to know the sport named paintball. More information and registration by phone or e-mail:

+370628 26451 (coach Rokas);
+370651 44010 (Tadas, club’s head) email: info@paintball.lt.