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Vanaginės sodų 1-oji str., Visoriai, Vilnius, Lithuania

Paintball center "Dažasvydžio centras" also has got outdoor playgrounds located in Visoriai.

There You can find four different playing fields, which are full of shelters, fences, trenches, towers, old cars. Natural or artificial barriers and barricades, set playgrounds allow you to play using a diversity of strategies. Tasks can be various. Mostly played: elimination, flag seizure of a certain object, defense or attack.

Spectators can follow the game or shoot to the targets. At the same time outdoor can be entertained up to 200 participants. After the game You and Your friends can take a rest, drink and eat something, it is allowed to prepare some barbecue, too.

Players are always under the supervision of qualified instructors who are members of Lithuanian Paintball Federation. Professional staff will give You useful advices. Be sure, Your free time is going to be crazy, exciting, interesting and thrilling as in real battlefield.
  • Four different playgrounds
  • Bunkers, trenches, towers and other artificial and natural shelters
  • Arbors for relax and discuss the game experience.
  • Campfire where you can roast the meat
  • Qualified instructors


200 pcs. paintballs
Monday - Sunday
500 pcs. paintballs
Monday - Sunday

Playground's location

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