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Sporting Paintball named X-Ball is one of the most venturesome paintball games. X-ball is proceeding on the competitive approach. Teams compete each other for the top places. The game takes place on the inflatable X-Ball field with symmetrically arranged figures. Game field is surrounded by a safety net, that allows the audience to watch competitions.

Game objective: to bring a flag from opponents to Your base and score more points than opposing team.

"Paintball Centre“ is a member of Lithuanian Paintball Federation (LPF). "Paintball Centre“ follows the paintball rules officially approved by LPF. Our experienced instructors, who also play and judge in Lithuanian and European tournaments, lead and supervise competitions. If necessary, qualified aid is always given.

Instructors try to involve to paintball everyone: players and spectators. What‘s more, competitions can be organized everywhere, depends on Your needs and desires: for example, in the city center, the homestead or the park. Mobility allows to meet customer‘s expectations better.

X-Ball is suitable for organizing company‘s events. It is interesting for those who play and a fun time for all guests, too.

More information about organization of the competition:
Tadas Čypas (club manager)
+370 651 44010

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